Saturday, March 13, 2010

Resolution #4 and #16 (partial)

Ok so yesterday I think I technically finished 2 different resolutions. Grand Master invited me and another girl that I work with and do Taekwondo with to go to Seoul Land with him for free. Of course we said yes. As if that wasn't amazing enough God decided to allow Jessica to win a bumper cars game and we got free tickets to ride this bungee jumping thing. AMAZING!!!
Then after the amusement park we all headed back to my house and asked one of the boys from Taekwondo and had a Bar-B-Que party. We grilled meat and had some soup. It was a good night. Plus the Grand Master got drunk which was also awesome!
Here's why I said this is partial. The bungee jumping thing was AWESOME but it isn't actual bungee jumping. Also I have no pictures from the Bar-B-Que.
Photos courtesy of Grand Master ...

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