Monday, January 18, 2010

Resolution #3 Bowling in Korea

I have finished my first resolution of the year. We finished it last Saturday, not even a week after I returned to Korea. The resolution was to go bowling in Korea. Now I know you are thinking "why does it matter if she bowls in Korea?" and here's my doesn't. Since I have been aware that there were places to go bowling in Korea it has been on my list of things to do on the weekend. So there isn't some amazing story about bowling just that it has been an idea of mine for a while. Luckily enough a girl at work had her birthday last Saturday and thought it would be fun to go bowling. Some things about our experiences: there was a large group of 13 foreigners all in one place, we were drinking which wasn't allowed (this is the first that ever happened) and we were acting crazy. It was a lot of fun. Some of us were really good bowlers and some of us (*cough* Gina and I) were just there for fun (because we sucked). Anyway we all had a good time and we were entertainment for the nearby Koreans. Many of the Koreans standing near us were watching and laughing. It's only because we are awesome though. Gina taking pictures of the bowling crowd.

Me being awesome.

Hannah strutting her stuff...Hannah is one of the better bowlers.

Autumn...enough said.

Us drinking when we weren't supposed to (and didn't know it...).

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