Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Blog and New Hair

First I wanted to start out the new year with new hair. I cut off the hair that I have been growing for the past 18 months to donate it to one of those wig making places. I cut off something like 10 or 11 inches. It was crazy. Here is my new 'do. Nice right?
Ok, so I am still stateside visiting family and friends. It has been awesome to see all of you that I was able to see. I will be leaving for Korea again in 4 days. Wow too soon but it is what it is.
This blog is a blog that will define the next year of blogs that I will write. I am going to share my list of "resolutions" for the year of 2010. As of now I have 23 "resolutions" that I am planning on completing before the end of the year and we will see how many I actually get through. I hope I get through a lot though...Here it is:
1. Travel outside Korea twice (Jamaica, Philippines, Germany, China, or Greece are some of my options.)
2. See a Korean Traditional Village
3. Go bowling in Korea
4.Bungee Jumping
5. Get lost on a Seoul City Bus
6. Teach Dambi a new trick in Korean and English
7. Find the spiciest Dukbokki in Seoul
8. Get my 2nd Degree Black Belt
9. Run a 10k (or maybe just a 5k)
10. Try 20 different beers
11. Ride in one of the 3D machines
12. Play in a Korean arcade
13. Go to a Casino
14. Go to the American Embassy
15. Go to the DMZ
16. Have a Barbecue party at my new house
17. Make a video of my new house
18. Go to a pool party (or just a pool)
19. Go to the library in Korea
20. Go to the Korean National Museum
21. Go to the Kimchi Museum
22. Go to a Meetup Meeting
23. Go ice skating
24. Make Jam
25. Eat Silk Worm Larve
26. Drink Alcohol in a Tent
27. Go to the Zoo (I've heard weird things...)
28. Order Food to my house (and catch it on video)
29. Find the tallest building (in my area) with an accessible roof

Some of these resolutions might not make since right now but as I document the different tasks I will give a more in depth explanation of what exactly I'm talking about and why I decided to do it.


Anonymous said...

The haircut is super cute! --Maggie

Ashley mo said...

I just clicked the random blog and I visited ur blog! wow u're in Korea! kk nice, bcuz I'm a Korea :)
I hope u'll have more fun time in korea! kkk