Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Updates: Late Style

I am so bad. I have a couple of updates to let you in on that I have been to busy to share lately.

First starting October 10th I finally started going to Korean classes. Right now I am the smartest one in my class. We are learning the alphabet and all kinds of easy stuff, basically starting at square one. I can do almost everything in the book that we are using. But it is also good for me because I was self teaching myself before and now I am getting a better explaination of everything.Next I finally got my black belt in Taekwondo, this also happened on October 10th. I was waiting because Erica (American Style) has the video of me fighting (a boy) on her camera and I wanted to put that up to...I guess you will wait.
Then last Thursday (the 15th) we went sweet potato farming
On Friday (the 16th) we went to the TanCheon. The TanCheon is a smallish river next to the school. It is man made so there is a nice sized bank that they built playgrounds and swimming pools in all along the river. Anyway, right now there is a sculpture display and I thought it would be nice to take my students to.
Thats cool and all, but the really awesome part is that I will be on TV for a short while. They (someone, I don't know) were filming an English show and asked me to be in it. Of course I said "Yes." I will put up a link later so you can all watch!

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