Sunday, August 9, 2009


So this week was good...Nice and tiring. I have had a cold for a couple of weeks now and I went to the doctor last Saturday and he gave me some medicine but it didn't get better so I went again Thursday to a different doctor and he said I have 'acute bronchitis'. So I am not allowed to drink alcohol and I must take a ton of medicine. I had a really boring week and weekend because of this. I did however finally go grocery shopping and made some porridge and glass noodles with vegetables. And it was the twin's (Judy and Erika's) birthday so on Friday I took them to dinner. Their birthday is really Sunday but they went home to visit their dad and older sister so while they were gone I left a surprise for them at their door...Our students made cards for Judy and Erika...I printed some pictures of the three of us...
Genie (another Korean) teacher helped me hang everything up!

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