Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I thought I would update everyone on my life so far. Its July 1st and everything...

School is going good for me. Things have slowed down quite a bit in the last couple of weeks which is nice. We are supposed to get 2 more new teachers in a couple of weeks though so it may get busy around the time that they come. The other new teacher is fitting in quite nicely.

I decided to stay another year and signed the contract for another year. Don't worry though, I have confirmed that I will be home for 2 weeks during Christmas time this year. That is all that is new in the work part of my life.

Next is stuff. I think I told you all that I have a new computer but maybe I didn't tell you that I also have a PlayStation2. One of my coworkers decided she didn't want it anymore and so she gave it to me with about 20 games. Cool, right? Other than that I haven't really got anything worth mentioning. I do however have a video of the place and you can see it has changed quite a bit...(If you don't remember what it looked like before go to "Addresses" and look at the old video...)

νƒœκΆŒλ„ Taekwondo. Well, I was supposed to have my test for my black belt on July 28th but I can't...(I will tell you why in a little bit) So it has been moved to August 30th. I will have pics and maybe a video or two later. We have been training really hard the last couple of months and I feel almost ready now. By the time August rolls around I will be a pro.

Next is vacations. I have a small trip in a week to go to a "Mud Festival." A bunch of foreigners getting together, drinking and playing in the mud. I will have pics I promise. After that starting on July 28th (the reason I can't take my TKD test) is a vacation to beautiful Jeju Island. It is comparative to Hawaii, so I hear. It will be hiking and touring and eating and etc. I can't wait! After that I don't have another big vacation until October and we are going to Tokyo. Then I am coming home for Christmas. Korean New Years follows that and I want to go to the Philippines for 4 days or so. Wow, can't believe I'm already thinking about New Years.

Dambi and I are doing well. We constantly meet new people when we are out walking. I think I became 100x more approachable because of him. People come out of the woodwork to talk to me know, crazy huh? Other than these things I have nothing of importance to tell you...I will be going to Korean school either starting in August or September.

In case you are wondering...NO! There is no boyfriend right now. I'm working on it and have a couple options but you will know when something gets serious. That is all for now, goodnight!


casa da poesia said...

"sangham saranam gacchami"...for you!

jilllenz said...

You place looks homey!! You still need more plants :)

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom, I will try to work on the plant situation...maybe.