Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's Corn in My ICE CREAM!!!

So yesterday, Saturday, was the first day in a long time that I felt like I was in a different country. On any given day I can get by with not speaking Korean. I usually don't see anything so out of the ordinary that I am like "wow, that doesn't happen in America". But well on this particular day this wasn't the case.
First I started the day with a birthday party at my Taekwondo Gym. It was like 7 of the students birthday this month so they all came with some friends that they invited. The GrandMaster asked me to come help by taking pictures and other stuff like that. I agreed alothough I didn't really want to go... But while I was there like no one talked to me. Of course, I live in Korean so I don't expect people to go out of their way to talk to me in English but it was weird not talking...You know me, I love to talk and I wanted to talk I just well couldn't. Plus I didn't really fit in with the crowd there, it was a bunch of kids and their mothers. Anyway, must study Korean more...
Then on the way home I decided I wanted some ice cream I picked up one of those ice cream bars on a stick jobs. I don't usually take the time to read them, I like all ice cream and pretty much know all the varieties...or so I thought. But this ice cream had CORN in joke so weird and a little delicious.
Then I wandered around with Dambi. While we wandering around my Korean friend called and said he was bored and he wanted to hang out. So I wandered around looking for him. Then we came to my house and played PS2 and we played a bunch of Korean games so I wasn't fully sure of what to do.

Then I was going to meet my friend, who is leaving, for her going-away-party but because I didn't really know where to go or how to ask where I should be I got lost and then I missed the boat. (We were going on a cruise on the river...) I literally figured out which boat I was supposed to be on when I saw it leave.

So then I was in the middle of Seoul by myself and bored. I knew Graeme, a coworker, was in Seoul so I called him to find out where he was. By the time I got to his area and started looking for him I totally mixed up all the directions and had to tell him to come find me when he was done eating. But we did eventually meet up. Then we got on the subway and rode too long and missed our transfer.

After all that I decided that the day would be better if I just tried to forget about everything. So I drank and ironically things got better. I met some new people and had a great time. But basically I spent the day lost, wandering, confused with the language and (because of the weather) hot and sticky. Anyway, I spent my 4th of July as far away from America as I can possibly get.

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