Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Anniversary!

So here it is my First Day of my second year...Hard to believe you haven't seen me in over a year right. I can't believe it too. One year gone and another moving just as quickly.

Luckily enough I get to start my year off with a bang! So Monday night in TaeKwonDo 태권도 I did a double kick with a "backstep" and another forward kick. "Backstep" because it was really more or a "back-roll my ankle- step". I was feeling fine that night but when I woke up in the morning I could barely put pressure on my ankle. When I got to school the first thing the Koreans said was to go to the acupuncturist (침술) and so I did. I had never gone before so it was quite the experience.
I didn't notice a huge effect right away but as the day wore on I was less and less uncomfortable. I didn't got to TKD that night and instead played my "new" PlayStation2 all night. When I woke up the next morning I didn't have much pain at all. I went back today (Wednesday) because they told me to, for another treatment. I am almost 100% healed. I can't believe it a sprained ankle healed so quickly!!! I have one more treatment to go to tomorrow but then I think I will be done.
The recovery time isn't even the best part. The best part, to me, is the cost. I got acupuncture, physical therapy and medication (in the form of topical patches) for about $5 for each visit. AMAZING! America, this is something you will never be able to compete with, health care.

Other than that, things are same ole, same ole. I am going to Jeju Island 재주도 next week for vacation so expect some amazing pictures from there! Later...

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