Friday, April 24, 2009


Sorry I have been a real slacker this week... I don't have any real reason, just didn't do much. I did however lose my cell phone last Saturday and there was quite a process to getting it back.

I called it and a man who couldn't speak English answered. I know enough Korean now to tell him that I am Amanda and that I am American and that I only know a little Korean and that the cell phone he is holding is mine and I can even ask him where he is with my phone. The problem came about when he answered me. I guess the part where I said I didn't know too much Korean didn't stick well with him because when I would tell him to speak slower and that I didn't know what he was saying he just repeated it again and again. Finally I tried to tell him that I would call back later. Then I called a number of Korean coworkers to call my phone and talk to him. He in turn found a Korean that spoke English and that person called the people in my phone.

So then I knew the location of the phone...kinda. See it was in this mall that is near to my house. They put the phone in the lost and found. Good, except that is one word I didn't know in Korean at the time and one word that a lot of other Koreans appearantly don't know as well. Not that it is their fault I am in their country, but nonetheless...When I lost the phone I had been out in the park like all day and coming inside had made my eyes sort of watery. So not only am I frustrated trying to explain lost and found to the workers at the mall but my eyes are also watering and I look as if I might cry. I begin to draw a crowd... but in the end I did get my phone back. This experience made me go home and study Korean pretty hard for a couple of hours...

Erica is on her way to Korea as I am writing this. Look forward to a rundown of our events and my birthday celebrations!!!

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