Monday, April 13, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Today we had an "Easter Egg Hunt". Obviously it was a day late because yesterday was Easter but there were some other problems as well. But before I go into that I must say that it was a last minute idea and I was just glad to get to go outside and get some fresh air for once!

Also I want to point out that Easter in my family has always kinda been a big deal. We have decorated eggs, had the hunt and every year the Easter Bunny brings us a big basket of candy! We also have a big dinner and sometimes we visit other members of our extended family.

But this year was a little sad. #1 NO EGGS...Thats maybe the saddest part. Dying eggs is awesome. I can still remember being a kid and sitting at the table with my siblings and my cousin Becca seeing who could make the ugliest and the prettiest eggs. So instead of hiding eggs we hid candy. Good enough I suppose... #2 It was fun to watch the Koreans with the kids. They just couldn't help telling the kids where all the candy was even though it wasn't even hidden that well.
Thats pretty much it...Here are some pics:

And a video:

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