Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science Day!

Today we had a Science Day. With all things that include lots of activities and small children it sounds like fun but ends up chaotic and crazy!!! We didn't really teach them any science but instead spend the day making "intense crafts" as I so affectionately call them. We used a ton of tape and by the end of the day we were really tired of telling the kids to not eat "this" and "that"...Anyway here are some pictures.
This is of a ball that is lifted by air...duh.

This is a game where if you touch the two metal parts together you will hear a really annoying alarm.

This is a giant piano

This is a hoover craft, a favorite of the kids...

This is me making a whirlpool for the kids to see.

This is a harp that the kids can play. It has no strings but instead makes sound from sensors that detect your hand placement.

This is a race with little pills that have a metal ball inside.

This is the kids making a bouncy ball, probably my favorite thing...

This is a balloon powered alligator car.

This is a balancing bird.

This is a chick that walks with the help of strings and rubber bands.



Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Cody would have loved this! He really likes science especially experiments.
Love Aunt Debbie

Erica said...

I want to play on the hovercraft!!!