Monday, March 23, 2009

Tid Bits

The last week was pretty much the same as the week before. Busy with class, taekwondo and studying Korean. SO on Saturday I decided to stay home and cook. I invented a Tofu Lasagna Roll.

Looks good right? It was't bad but it just needs cheese which I didn't use.

Then Sunday I headed up to Dongdaemun for some spring shopping. I was wearing a pair of stelletto heeled boots and the heel snapped in half...:( But on the upside it means I had a real excuse to buy shoes! I bought some new shoes, a belt and a bag. I didn't want to buy too much because I feel like I will be shopping a lot when Erica gets here! Since I found a bus that is near my house that goes straight to the shopping center and a couple of other places I have been yearning to go...Finally I did it!

Today is Monday and tonight at Taekwondo I finally nailed a kick that I have been having a lot of trouble with. I am really excited! I will be getting another belt soon I think. Gwangjonnim says we may get out black belts this summer. He really wants to push us to get them sooner! I am excited and a little overwhelmed...

Yeah that is it for now!


Erica said...

yes, we will be shopping! i plan on only bringing, like, 3 outfits with me. =D

Anonymous said...

Well you know how I like my lasagna, so I doubt I will want to recreate the tofu version


Amanda Lenz said...

Erica! That's that stuff of dreams!!!I am so excited to go shopping with you!!! I love shoppig in Korea more than you can imagine...Can't wait!

Jason, yes, I know how you like lasagna...Lots of cheese! Actually it would be even better if I left out the sauce and noodles and just fed you the cheese...right?

jilllenz said...

When is Erica going to be there?

I wish I could come shopping!!

We took the adminstration out for dinner last night at Napolis a new Italian place in Sedalia. It was very good. Your dad had lobster tail on a bed of spaghetti and red peppers, I had past primavera which very good. The sauce was a pink sauce, alfredo and marina mixed. ymmm! Then we went to the dead rabbit to dance. What a great night!

Amanda Lenz said...

Hey mom, you are always welcome to come shopping here! I would love to take you...Erica is coming for my birthday. Good to know you and dad are living up life in the good 'ole US! Keep on keepin' on! Love you!