Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Last Week

So since the last time I posted this is what I have been up to:

I went shopping at Dongdaemun. I didn't buy anything much to my surprise. I did get to talk a lot with my friend and that was nice. I got home around 9 o'clock that night and watched a Korean movie with English subtitles. The name of the movie in English is call "My Sassy Girl". It was really good. It is about a guy who meets a drunk girl then spends the rest of the night taking care of her only to meet her again the next day and get her drunk again...

I didn't do anything except sleep. I need someone to make me go do things on Sunday...

Work as usual. Nothing new here. I did however really start studying Korea today though. I took notes and copied lines and really studied for hours...

Tuesday and Wednesday
Same as Monday.

Today was pre-school graduation. Not for my kids, they have one more year and then they will graduate. But today I realized that my kids are the oldest and best at English in the pre-school now. That is so weird to think about...

What a busy day. Due to the Graduations yesterday we spent all day today switching classrooms and desks and moving and cleaning all day. It was exhausting and kind of exciting. Then I went out for like the best night out I had in a while. It started out as a couple drinks at a local bar. But then I met one of my coworkers there and all her friends and quickly the night went from lowkey to AWESOME!!! We went to a dance club where I met a guy who knew as much English as I knew Korean...It was very interesting...The whole time we kept saying to each other things like "It's hot in here" and "I don't like this song, it's too slow..." it was exciting for me. After that we went to Norae Bang (karoke) and on the way there we met a couple of random Koreans in the street and asked them if they wanted to go with us, they agreed and then paid...nice. Once we left there I was still in the mood for singing so I sang on the way home and I was singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" but I was singing it in Korean and a group of Korean guys on the street started singing with me, that was pretty funny. Then I went home...thats all.

Went back to Kukki Won to watch one more of our students challenge for his 4th degree black belt, he succeeded. Interesting side note: there are 9 degrees of black belts in Korea, you have to have a 5th degree to be a Master and 7th degree to be a Grand Master. First the testing starts with a written test, a picture of the written test portion:

Then the students do a series of kick and pum sae. After that is sparring time (fighting) which is the best part especially at this level. They were doing a bunch of cool kicks and such.

After that I went home and slept because I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. That brings us to...

Today I didn't do anything, what a surprise. I am tired and need to do a couple of things before the week starts and I am too busy to see straight.


Anonymous said...

What did you sing for karaoke this time??


Amanda Lenz said...

Maggie, the nice thing about Norae Bang is that you are in a room with your friends for an hour (at the least) and you get to choose all teh songs you sing. It is quite amazing! We sang a ton of stuff that I don't remember...