Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ok, so I have been really bad about posting lately...I have less and less to talk about that is all that interesting. I can tell you what I have been up to in the last couple of days though.

Friday we made the read about that.

Saturday I had a visitor to my house. I was taking my mid-afternoon nap (long night Friday...) and was suddenly woken to someone knocking at my door. It was my neighbor who I have seen around the building and have said hello to a couple times. She knows as much English as I know Korean so we really haven't had a good conversation yet...But she brought her friend over that speaks quite a bit of English. They invited me to church, but I already had plans, church here is not Sunday morning for all churches, some have it at Saturday night. Anyway I actually walked by the church Friday morning and was like "holy crap that is a huge church" and now I know more about it. They are going to come over in 2 weeks and I will go with them, next week is my Thanksgiving Party so I can't go then...
After that I went to Judy's, no suprise there, and we started building the sets for the Christmas Play. I have decided to let my sadness for missing Christmas at home this year take over and I (actually we, but I am making her help me ;) will decorate my two classrooms to the point of Christmas explosion.

Today we did more of the same, building sets for the play. Then we went to get some items for the Thanksgiving Party. I got marshmallows, pecans, green beans, cream of mushroom soup, french onion chips (french fried onions substitute), chicken broth, cranberry sauce and gravy mix. These are all the non-Korean items that I will use. I spent like $25 on this stuff. I still have to buy the chicken(turkey substitute), bread and veggies for stuffing, potatoes and sweet potatoes, milk, butter and whipped cream. This will cost like $20 and it is the majority of the meal...Crazy what you will pay for things that you can't get here.

Anyway, don't worry I will take many pictures of the party and let you know how it all turns out. I am a little worried because I don't have an oven I just have a microwave and a crockpot so things might not turn out like I want...Which wouldn't be a problem except that Judy and Erica and maybe their father will be there and I don't want it to be bad for them...Anyway, that is all for now. Talk to you later!!!


jilllenz said...

How many is coming to your party besides Judy, Erica and their father?

Do you have a dutch oven you can cook on the stove top with?

Well we are going to buy the Pacific tomorrow.

We had a great time in Lincoln, I will email you some pictures.


Anonymous said...

Not to scare you but, DO NOT go with that woman to's not a regular one. I could be wrong, so in case I am, ask the woman if it's the Church of God. If she says yes, then it's not what you're lookin for sister! There is a really nice church in Gangnam with service in English and a nice church community too. I might send something out for the kiddies soon....oh, and you guys!

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom, I actually don't know how many people are coming. I told them they could invite anyone they wanted but I think there is only gonna be like 6 or 7 of us.
No dutch oven...Why are you buying the car??? You should just use mine!!!Finally someone realizes that I like to look at other people's pictures...hint, hint. Love you too.
Jennifer?!?!? She is actually from the World Mission Church. You are so right on the with the Church of Christ people, they are like stalkers...How are things going with you?