Sunday, November 16, 2008


So today Judy and her lovely family took me with them to CostCo. Yes, Korea has a CostCo and it has all the things that the CostCo at home has (at inflated prices, of course). And we all though Wal-Mart was taking over the world? I haven't seen a Wal-Mart since I have been here...

Anyway, I went there primarily to get things for our Thanksgiving dinner that I will make because many ingredients are hard to find. I really wanted a turkey and thought that CostCo would have them. I was right, they had them all $8/lb, making the cheepest one i could find right around $58. Needless to say I didn't buy one. Not only because it is a ridiculous price but also because I only have room to do about a 5lb bird in my crockpot. I will keep a look out but right now it looks like we may have a whole chicken instead of turkey...

After that we just hung out all day. I taught Erica and Judy how to play pitch (which is hard for some of my English speaking friends to learn, you can imagine explaining to Koreans) and bullshit. They really wanted to learn BS because they saw "How to Lose a Guy in 10Days" and remembered the game looking like fun so I taught them. It is much easier to teach and learn.

That was the extent of my day. I am ready to start this week I guess. It is the start of my 4th month here! I am still loving Korea! Toodles :)


jilllenz said...

Too bad about the turkey. I thought maybe they would have turkey roll or turkey breast. Oh well, backed chicken should be good. What else are you having? We are not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Probably just eating here!

Have you found a church there yet?

Love Mom

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom, we are having chicken (unless I can find a smaller bird), stuffing (homemade), mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, canned cranberries, sweetpotatoes, crossiant rolls (store bought) and pumpkin pie (also store bought). It should be ok all things considered.

I live in an area of many churches, Christian ones too! I just haven't found one that has an English service at a good time... and I am lazy.