Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

So today was a really busy day for me. To start it off we had speech contest...I was not prepared for it at all!!!Anyway, the videos:

I have also been working a lot with christmas stuff. I told you maybe 100 times that I am homesick for Christmas stuff. SO I have been making things to decorate my classrooms with. I will take pictures on Monday and show you. Anyway that has been taking a ton of my time. Then today I had about 100 tests to give, easy but now I have 100 tests to grade. Can you tell the number for today is 100?

Also, tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I have been stressing about that a little. Especially because Jusy went to CostCo last night and they were sold out of pumpkin pie. No worries we will find a substitute.

Then we found out that the citizens of Thailand are demonstrating against the government there, not a big problems for us in Korea but a big problem for those of us who want to go visit Thailand for Christmas.

Last but not least I came up with a good game...My kids really wanted to play a game and sometimes I bring UNO to class. Today I just had a regular deck of cards. So instead of playing "go fish" we played a really close variation with their vocabulary terms. For instance if you ask for a "2" and you would normally say "go fish" in this case you had to use a vocabulary term that is attached to the number. If you didn't have a "3" you had to say "take a walk" or "4" "visit a friend" etc. It was a lot of fun for me and the kids because they don't play that game here that often so it was new for them and for me it was fun hearing different phrases where "go fish" should be. Somedays, like today, I think I am a good teacher...Other days, not so much.


Anonymous said...

I like your version of Go Fish! You're quite creative, my pal Amanda. Happy belated Thanksgiving -- I'm thankful for starting my new job on Monday!

Anonymous said...

Oops...forgot to put my name.


Amanda Lenz said...

Maggie, thanks! We had a great time and technically they were learning!! Good luck at the new job, I hope it is better than the last...What are you going to be doing anyway?