Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playing with the Kids

Friday night we spent all night at the Dongdaemun shopping center. We went shopping and then saw a 3:20 showing of Death Races. It was awesome because once the movie was over we took a bus home and once we got there it was time for breakfast.
Then I went with my Taekwondo class to do some fun activities. They do this every once in a couple months, like skiing and summer sports and so on. Anyway the Fall activities were going to a place that offers students a chance to play soccer, play paintball games, ride 4 wheelers and bungee jump. The bungee is the two posts with bungee cords attached, not diving off a cliff. It was a lot of fun but it started raining when I got to the bungee so I didn't get any pics because I was so cold I forgot and they were rushing us so we could get inside... I wish I had gotten some though. There are also some pictures of the sceenery which was also very nice!

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