Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open House is Over!!!

Today I finally had my last Open House for the year. I had to hold Open House in three different classes.
In case you don't know Open House is when the parents come to SLP (school) and watch you teach a class to their kids. It is a good way for the parents to see how much their kids know and see how we run a class.

In the first class I learned that I give too much homework. I had been giving the students vocabulary tests everday that they weren't doing that well on so I assigned the kids to write the words and definitions 5 times each (only 5 vocab words). This was too much work for them...Anyway the parents like my teaching style but thought I should give less writing homework and give more listening and reading homework.

In my second class I learned that I am scary. A preschooler went home and told his mom that I was scary because I yelled at him for throwing another students spoon on the floor. Anyway the Korean teacher talked to him and he has been nice to me ever since. I just thought it was weird.

In the last class the parents said that they are glad that I talk to the students so much. For the first time in my life my excessive talking is helping others. My students talk a lot because I talk a lot and since this school is all about learning another language it is a good thing!

Other than school I have been really busy trying to fit in my Taekwondo lessons, makes the week fly right on by. This week the Grand Master (and I) noticed a huge improvement in my kicks! I am excited. He says he can tell I will be a good student because I am so interested in Taekwondo (TKD) right now and this phase of my learning is the most boring because it is basic stuff and that later when I am learning many other things I will have more to be interested in.


Caitlin said...

Lol! The parents comments crack me up. Yes Lenz, you have found the perfect job. You can talk forever and it's GOOD!

Amanda Lenz said...

Cait, yeah they are pretty great. Parents here are ultra involved in their kids. It is a good and bad thing, we have clashing beliefs on what is best...but I am glad that I can talk alot...