Sunday, October 12, 2008

A modern city rich with history

Today I went to a park, but it was no ordinary park. It is the site of some royal tombs that were built in the Joseon Dynasty. The king buried here is King Seongjong who ruled from 1469-1494. Also buried in the park are his second wife Queen Jeonghyeonwanghu and second son who became King Jungjong from 1506-1544.
King Seongjong's tomb
King Jungjong's tomb
Statues like this surround the tombs. This is a military officer and his horse. I think the officer is 7 or 8 feet tall.
There are also statues of sheep and tigers (in a alternating pattern) surrounding the tomb's as well. The tiger is there to attack the enemies that might try and disturb the tomb and the sheep is to ward off evil spirits.
These are some amazing views within the park.

The park was crowded with couples(young and old). It was a very romantic setting and perfect place for a pre-dinner stroll. It was very neat because it is situated right in the middle of the city and tall buildings are the backdrop for the park.

After that I went to dinner and had sushi. Now I have to do some more work :(

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