Friday, October 3, 2008

Busan Day 1

Lets start with the hotel. We are staying in another love motel. It is really cheap ($35/night) and so we decided that it would be a good deal. Luckily the place is really nice and so close to the train station. We took a Korail Train to Busan from Seoul and it took like 3 hours.
Here in Busan, the southern part of the country, it is the second largest city in South Korea.
We started out the day with a plan to go to a market but that fell thru. Right now in Busan the International Film Festival is going on. We happened upon the line for tickets on our way to the market and we decided that if we could get tickets we would and go. WE GOT TICKETS! We are really excited because it is held annually in Busan and is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia. The first festival, held from September 13 to September 21, 1996, was also the first international film festival in Korea. The focus of the PIFF is introducing new films and first-time directors, especially those from Third World countries and is appealling to young people, both in terms of the large youthful audience it attracts and through its efforts to develop and promote young talent. We even watched the opening ceremonies on it is kinda a big deal that we got tickets to see a movie. It is tonight at 7:30 and is called Cherry Blossom. It was good, very dramatic and sad, but good all the same.

After we got tickets we decided to scrap the idea of the market and went to the beach instead. Despite the fact that it is October and the weather has been getting colder the weather today was really nice and we got in the East Sea to swim. We were like the only people swimming too... But it is really beautiful.
After the beach we went to a cafe. This cafe was similar to cafes in all the important ways, like coffee and ice cream, etc. But this particular cafe had a little something else to offer as well. You'll have to watch the video to find out what exactly though.

This was a random sign that we saw during the course of the day...


Anonymous said...

I think I would be too ticklish! -E

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, yeah in the beginning of the girls' session they couldn't hold still it was tickling them soooo much!