Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vietnam Day 1

So for the next couple of days I will be writing from the exciting country of Vietnam. Today and the next 3 days of blogs are dedicated to the cultural experiences (food, travel, history) and then one day next week I will write a blog for the sole purpose of showing all the items that I am about to buy here. So far I have already bought a lot anyway...

A break down of the day. First I got on the plane, nothing new there...Same ole' same ole' except that I had this awesome pastry which was described on the package as "liquor fermented mugwort" flavored bread. It was delicious!Once the plane touched down I knew I was in a different country. Vietnam has many of the modern technologies that many of us can't live without but it is just packaged differently. Things here aren't that developed and many buildings look old and worn down. It's sorta charming and just sorta weird. Some pictures of Mel's place, which is actually really nice.

As soon as I get here we had Pho (pronounced like the first part of the "f word"). It is noodles (and this one had beef) in a broth with green onions and lemon grass, delicious!

After lunch we took motor bikes downtown to do some shopping. From the back of the bike...Hoan Kiem Lake Area, the downtown/old quarterThen we had sushi for dinner, we all know how I love sushi!!! Had some trouble with the wasabi this time however...lets just say no sinus problems for the rest of the year ;)


jilllenz said...

Glad to hear you got there ok! I was going to call this morning but I don't think my calling card works for Viet Nam. Have a great vacation!

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom, I will no worries there! Have fun going to school or whatever you are up to now!