Sunday, August 24, 2008

The War Memorial of Korea

So yesterday I went to the War Memorial of Korea. It is a huge building filled with military items from around the world. Most of the stuff was Korean (of course) but there was also plenty of other things there as well.

Mostly I just have pictures and videos to share...Karen in an army truckKaren in a really small space in the army truckHannah (new teacher) and I on a tankDrum of National DefenseA video of a war reenactment from a long time agoHannah and I in front of an armored "turtle" shipBarricks in a shipKaren shooting a gun A kid shooting a gun and hitting the target
Karen and Hannah in a jeep


Anonymous said...

Mom said I should comment, so I did.

Love ya, don't have too much fun.

Amanda Lenz said...

Dad, I am just suprised you were able to figure out how to leave a comment...Have you even realized that I am on the other side of the world yet? Anyway, love and miss you too.