Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blah Days

Today was rather boring. I went to eat lunch at a Western restaurant. Then I went to meet Hannah and her friend Won at the COEX mall. After that we made friends with another teacher at our sister school. She is our age and really outgoing and fun!!! While we were eating the craziest thing happened. The guys at the table next to us were talking to us and when they got up to leave asked for our number. In an effort not to be rude I gave them mine (my cell phone was on the table...). Then shortly after the waitress came to our table and was saying a ton of stuff to us in Korean. We had a very vague idea of what she was saying to us. We found out that she was adking for the number of the guys that were sitting next to us because they had left without paying. So she was trying to call the guys and get them to come back and pay for their meal. Long story short, we shouldn't exchange numbers with drunk Koreans and we should learn more Korean...Korea imnida

Tomorrow will be boring...Mondays always are. But I have to go to a conference in Seoul on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week and should have lots to talk about after that.

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