Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today as I was utilizing the facilities in Korea I realized that I haven't talked much about the bathroom situation here. Some bathrooms are fully equipped with a toliet, toliet paper and the like. Some are not. First of all I should let you know that with the wierd building setup comes a weird bathroom setup. Like I said before bulidings aren't just one business. There are many businesses in one building. With that comes the bathrooms, which are shared by all the different businesses. So in the hallway that has many businesses is usually a bathroom that those businesses share, sometimes one bathroom on each floor, sometimes not. With that comes dirty bathrooms with squatters and frequently no toliet paper and by that I don't mean they are out of toliet paper, it isn't offered. Everyone carries toliet paper with them...Here is a picture of such a bathroom. This is a cleaner facility but I have seen much, much worse. Not hard to use or anything like that but it is different and I have become accustomed to it. Also, today I was taking the subway home and on the way I did some shopping. I don't know if I have mentioned it before but the subway stations here have stores inside. A wide range of goods are available underground. Some stations are like a mall and some have no shops. It is dependant on the number of people that use the station and how old it is. Stations that house 2 different subway lines are most likely to have many shops. Anyway, so I was shopping. The lady that owned the clothing store came up to me and started touching my hair. She was saying "beautiful, beautiful". Then she put her hand on my stomach and I think called me skinny...I can't imagine that because I am not as skinny as most Koreans...But I also don't think she was calling me fat, so I have no idea. The point is that she just came up to me and felt like she could put her hands all over me. I didn't really mind just thought it was amusing.

So my last day of the conference is finally over. Today we were supposed to have two classes, an hour for lunch, then presentations of a model class. When I got back from lunch there was only two other teachers there. So the three of us gave presentations and then went home. The professors that were leading the presentation class really liked my ideas and said that I had some good ideas. The others did well also. Between the three of us I got some really good ideas and got to go home early. Painless and finally OVER!!!
Weird food of the day: dog. Yes, I ate it and everyone said it would taste like chicken. I personally think it is a little more like deer. It is darkish in color and very tender. We had to take some Korean teachers with us to order it because they don't want to serve it to foreigners because they know we won't eat dog in the west. Many of our teachers won't eat dog, in fact the Koreans that took us all ordered chicken. It isn't that common to eat dog anymore. It is hard to know the exact feelings of the Koreans, it is a traditional thing from the past but is becoming less common.

My dog food...The gang: (Left front around to right front) Karen, Jody, Kelly, Hannah, IikYeong(sorry about the spelling), Amanda, Tammy, Matt, Lydia, Gene


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,
Okay....I don't think I could try dog, after all if it tastes like chicken then why not eat chicken? I think Sadie would be offended so I won't tell her you ate dog :) You get points for being adventurous though. Like the new shape, you look good. Take care. Love ya, Aunt Debbie

Anonymous said...

I would definitely rather have some Korean woman come up to me and touch my hair and say "beautiful beautiful" than that creepy Mexican guy that did it to me once in the mall. Also, I would totally try dog. It wouldn't be my first choice of all the foods you've described, but I would try it. -E

Amanda Lenz said...

Aunt Debbie, I had to try it, you know "when in Rome...errr South Korea". Yeah, I sorta feel weird about it but I figure I will never get another chance so I say what the heck? They don't eat just any dog no pets were harmed for my dinner. Basically it is like if you were to eat a tame wolf.
Erica, I like that you would try it. I was worried that maybe everyone I know would shun me after. I also feel the same, yeah, maybe if I have another chance I will eat it again but I love all the other Korean food better.