Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boring Training

For the last 2 days I have been attending TTP (Teachers Training Program). It is a conference that trains us in the curriculum and goals of the SLP (Sogang Language Program). The conference takes place near the middle of Seoul which takes about an hour and a half to get to by train. Yesterday, my first day, I had a really hard time finding the place. In this particular area of Seoul things aren't as well marked and I really felt like I was in Korea. Streets aren't always marked/named so the map I had didn't come in that handy and I couldn't see any signs that said "Sogang University that way". Lets just say I wasn't happy...but eventually I found it. I have been bored pretty much the entire time I was in class. I did learn some positive things that I will use but mostly I was really tired from getting up so early.

And that is roughly all that has been happening lately. I will have some pictures tomorrow and this Saturday we are going to my boss's daughter's wedding so I will have pictures of that as well. Sorry my life is a little less glamorous this week.


Anonymous said...

man, that's a long train ride. Seoul must be huge. -E

Jill Z said...

hey babe,
ok so wow, i just noticed your new pic...u have lost some weight! i want to see more pictures of you....u look different...i might not recognize you soon. ;)
luv u!

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, so yeah I just went from my area of Seoul to the middle-ish area. To get to the other side probably takes like 3 or so hours...The city is really, really, big.
Jill, I don't look that different just thinner and more tired and maybe even a little older...Yeah, on the weight loss though, I don't try, the food is different and I am really busy. I think it would be hard to gain weight here. Which is a good thing because the girls here are really thin. Love you two and I miss you both terribly!