Monday, August 18, 2008

Loving the little things

So I did nothing new today...Ate normal food and all that.
But I do have some exciting news! I was at the local convience store, the GS 25 and I bought a ton of Ramien Noodles and a bottle of Aloe juice (my friend said I should try it). As I was checking out the cashier gave me a bag to put my purchases in. This is not just any ordinary bag, it is AWESOME!!!It folds up into this little pouch that conviently fits into my purse!

The bottle of Aloe juice, it actually was delicious. I was worried it would be like drinking the stuff you put on sunburns but it wasn't. It was actually really good, thanks for letting me know Jody!These are pictures of sculptures I saw outside of 63 building. I forgot to put them on last nights post. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I've actually heard that aloe juice is really good for digestion/irritable bowels. Ya get ass cancer and people tell you all kinds of crap like that.

Allie G said...

I love that you're loving the little things and it seems like you're enjoying yourself. I can't wait to hear more and miss ya like crazy girl!! Much love!!

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, do you want me to send you some???
Allie, I miss you too and yes I am loving it here.

Anonymous said...

Neat shopping bag. What are the stores like. Do they have much American food?