Sunday, August 17, 2008

An Island Adventure

Today I went to an island situated in the center of Seoul, Yeouido. It is created by 2 rivers that connect and isolate a 1.5 mile by 2mile piece of land. While there I saw

The HP Building

The Korean Stock ExchangeThe LG Twin TowersThe Riverside Park

A video of a parade in the park

And 63 Building

The rest of the pictures are from the Observation Deck inside 63 Building, 60th Floor. It is a 63 floor building, hence the name... I think, look for a comment from Karen if I am wrong ;) It took five years to build and was finished in 1985.

The building with the greenish dome is the National Assembly Building and the tall building to the right is one of the LG Towers.

A view looking downA view of the cityThe Sky TunnelA child on a mirrored floor

Me in front of another view Some night viewsA cool picture messup.
The "Art" in the Observation Deck, it was a Hello Kitty Event. This is a wishing wall: the discs on the wall have wishes written on the back. They are many wishes on each peg, most in Korean. The Future Mailbox...?


Anonymous said...

You are the coolest chick ever, no joke. Hats off for doing Seoul style solo. Oh, and Karen will comment on your post. You are hilarious!

okay, Karen is too lazy so she's making me say this. "It's at 60 storeys tell, but they say it's 63 floors because they count the 3 basement levels." ha ha

Love Jody

Amanda Lenz said...

Jody/Karen, thanks!