Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Daily Grind

So today I helped another teacher switch apartments. She took an apartment of a different teacher that left recently. Partly I went because I knew the teacher that left was really close to my size in clothes and shoes and wanted to see if she left me anything. Well she definitly did! I like doubled my wardrobe today (thanks Jen !!!). Anyway, so I didn't really do anything interesting.

I do have some new room decorations and bedding (thanks to Jen, again!) and hopefully this week I will get my place all decorated and cute. I also went grocery shopping today. I wanted to buy fabic softner and febreeze (among other things) and everytime I went to open a bottle of either thing (to smell) a store employee came over and at first I was like "Oh no, I just made another cultural mistake" but then they take the cap off and hold the bottle for me to smell and I am like "Eehh, no" and then they open another for me. Awesome, it is like the best service ever, next time I think I will open packages of food to see if it tastes good...

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