Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shopping Extravaganza

We went shopping today!!!It was the most amazing experience EVER!!!We went to a place called Dongdaemun. It is this huge "mall" that houses several vendors. Sound nearly the same? Well, there are a few distinct differences. First being that each floor is divided by item. First floor: ladies clothes, second floor: mens clothes, third floor:can't remember, fourth floor: shoes and bags, fifth floor: accesories, then there is another floor and then food court on top of that. The second difference is that there are no prices on anything. You ask for the price and bargain with them, awesome. There is a whole system to bargaining with Koreans, I haven't got it down yet, but I will. The third difference is that there is no store fronts. Each shop has an area and walls but there is no doors or for that fact room for doors. It would be nearly impossible to open doors in this place because there is so many people and stuff to buy. We spent like 4 hours or more in one of the 4 buildings of Dongdaemun and most of it on one floor. We will eventually go back and see the other store, believe me that will be a day long trip. I wanted to get pictures but it isn't really allowed.

Outside of the day long shopping I ate this awesome creation. It is essentially a corn dog, but in the outer layer of the "corn dog" french fries are in the batter. Imagine, french fries and corn dog in one. If Americans could figure out how to do this fairs and carnivals would never be the same. I promise to take a picture the next time I order one.

Are you curious about what I bought? If not, move along. If so, read on. I bought a really cute bag and a key chain. But this isn't just any key chain. It flashes, so cute. It is solar powered and flashes, I can't believe it. Anyway that is all I did today.


Anonymous said...

When I was in China, the huge shopping places were the same, with only certain things on each level. Bargaining is great, too. I don't know how it is in Korea, but in China, I was told by the locals to counteroffer their price by offering only 10% of what they said. It was so funny, you'd see some Academy Award worthy performances as they act so offended, but then when you would walk away, they'd run after you and agree to the price.

Have fun!

Amanda Lenz said...

KEVIN!!! I haven't talked to you in FOREVER!!! How are you? Anyway we countered with 50%, I'm not really sure why, probably because prices are cheap to begin with. Yeah, the acting out of being offended is huge here too. They do more laughing and slap you on the arm and tell you that you are crazy. It is fun, and yeah they ran after us too.

Anonymous said...

The pics from the art museum are freakin' sweet! I saw Katie Shannon this weekend and she didn't even know you were going to Korea, lol. I gave her the blog address. <3

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, where did you see Katie Shannon? Does she live in Cloumbia too? Anyway, thanks for informing the uninformed...Oh and the museums here are supposed to all be really awesome, maybe when/if you come we could go and see another awesome one.