Saturday, July 26, 2008

Art and Play Museum

Today I went to an Art Museum close to Seoul. It is called Art and Play. It cost 5000 won which is equivalent to $5. We were going to go to this huge market and shop all day long, but it rained all day so we changed plans, as you can imagine I wasn't that first. Now I am glad we went.
This picture looks like the picture below when close up. It seems to be made of different colors of the stuff baskets are mande of. The only thing is that the pieces of (whatever the material is) are only solid color, the picture isn't painted on is is woven in such a way to made the image look like it does. This is also huge. Bigger than me, at least 6x6 feet.

All the brown things in this picture are made of cardboard.

These two photos are many pieces of paper sticking out from a canvas and when light shines a particular way photos are made. So the dark part of the picture that you see are shadows. These two are actually the same piece of art with light shining from different angles.
This is a coffee shop, not at the museum, that we went to. We are sitting in train seat and there are train tracks on the floor. It was a really neat place with GREAT tea.
This is a room full of Roman noodles (before being cooked). This photo isn't that good because I couldn't get a good one to show that there are little road and toy cars and such built into the Roman. This is a huge room too, like 10x6 or so.

These two pictures are clotes made completely of bubble wrap. This one is of a wedding dress, the other is of me and another teacher, Jody and his friend Ian.

That boat, the size of a regular row boat is made completely of pencils, sharpened ones. It is really cool.

The last three pictures depict art work made entirely of clothing labels. At first when I saw it I was like whatever, until I figured out what it was made of.
This picture was completely drawn with dots of a tiny sharpie marker. It is a hugh picture too! It is like 4x6 feet, huge and when you get close you can see all the little dots.

This is a video of Jody talking into an instrument that has water in it. There were two other instruments, but this one was the coolest...

This isn't even all the stuff we saw. There was a drum set that was completely under water and when you tapped the glass of the tank that it was in it would make music come out of a speaaker a coule of feet away. There was also this table with sand on it that was hooked up to a TV screen. The screen had a face on it and when you moved the sand on the table it would change the way the face looked on the TV. It was really cool. There was also various other cool stuff, but I like these things the best. So that is pretty much all I did today. Still haven't finihed my place but I will soon enough...

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