Thursday, July 24, 2008

Norae Bong

Okay, so yesterday's post referenced eating meat for dinner that is really good? Well it is called galbi and they also had pork, I had that for dinner tonight. It isn't as good as the beef but still good. Matt's (another English teacher, from Canada) parents were visiting so we all went out for a big dinner. We eat out a lot here, it is cheaper and better than the food I could make in my hotel room. The video is us in a place called a Norae Bong. In the most basic sense it is Karoke. More detail, you get a room for you and all your friends. You get to pick all the music and you don't have to wait for a ton of other people to sing songs you hate...The best part is that because the other teachers and I are in a foreign country we get to sing a lot of English songs and don't have to hear a bunch of Korea songs we don't like. Not that I don't like Korea music, it is just that when I sing Karoke I like to hear songs I know and sing songs that I can read. You can drink just like in a bar but you are only making a fool of yourself in front of your nearest and dearest. It is a ton of fun. Also, quick fact: You can drink outside here. It is nice because if you order an alcoholic drink and its in a to-go cup you can take it with you while you walk to the bar. Awesome huh?


jilllenz said...

karoke place is cool! Burning the midnight oil arent' you? :)

Remember to get plenty of rest!

love, mom

Amanda Lenz said...

Question 1: Mom, burning the midnight oil? Sort of, I don't have to be at school until 9:30, so it is ok. Norae Bong is a ton of fun. When/if you and dad come wel will take you. It is customary for all the teachers to go out for dinner together when other parents come and then we all go out after that...We can take you.