Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Everyday Things

Ok so today I was just observing classes again. The kids are still amazing. On Friday it is a party day so I will get pictures of the cuties then. I learned the Korean version of "rock, paper, scissors" today from some of my students. It is similar but the kids do it much faster and can settle any fight with a quick game. I didn't understand what they were doing so I asked. Basically the game doesn't end until both players shoot the same signal. The player who won the last "shoot" is the winner. For instance Player A shoots rock and Player B shoots paper, then if the next shoot they both do the same thing then Player B wins the over all game. If that is confusing to read try learning it from kids who don't speak English well...

With the pictures, one is of a T-shirt I saw when I was shopping. It makes absolutely no sense. I heard from both Caitlin (roommate 2007-2008) when she was in the Phillipines and from Melanie (roommate 2006-2007) when she was in Vietnam that this is typical. The foreigners that speak English don't always have correct grammar, but it is a huge thing here to wear screen printed shirts. Then we have dinner. Basically we had beef. The grilled it on the grills that are on the table. Sorry dad, but this was the best beef I have ever had. They don't freeze beef here, they put it in tanks of cold water to keep fresh, keeps it very tender...As with all Korean meals there are always a ton of sides. Gimichi (or Kimchi) is the most common, along with rice, it is a cabbage dish with red pepper paste mixed together. I am not a huge fan yet, but I hear it grows on you. There was also a "salad" the dressing was sweet and fruity, almost like a bananna smoothie on salad, really good. That was it for food but we also drank a lot. I had soju for the first time which is rice vodka I think. It is very strong. The make what is called somake which is beer and soju together. Beer=makeju. I don't like beer so I didn't try it, but they were drinking it like mad... I ate lunch with the kids today. I don't have pictures but it was VERY good. We had rice and kimichi, like always and dried seaweed, which I ws really worrried about but it is actully delicious. We also had radish kimichi which is the same, just radish instead of cabbage. Then my favorite part of the meal was a seaweed and cucumber soup which is served cold so it is really good in the summer. It has a vinegar taste to it. Then there was also dokbokki (we didn't know the spelling here...k's and g's are sorta interchangeable) which is a mixture of rice cakes, fish cakes, and vegetables in a red pepper paste sauce. I wasn't in love with it but it was ok to eat.

That is pretty much it from day 2. Stick around for more!


Anonymous said...

That shirt is sweet--I would totally wear it. Also, they have kimchi at china palace in k-ville and i freakin' love it.

k, love you, bye

Amanda Lenz said...

Only Question: Erica, I don't really like the kimchi. It is really spicy but no other flavor...but everytime they serve it (which is for every meal, even breakfast) I try it...Yeah the shirt is sweet and I could totally see you wearing it. Thanks for posting my dear.