Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today we went to a place called Buyeo (pronounced Boo-yah). It is a small town about 2 and 1/2 hours away from where we live near Seoul. On the way I got a couple pictures of countryside and some real bikes...They are Harleys, just for you dad...see foreign countries aren't all bad.Once we got there we went to a garden...I don't know its name or why it was built or any historic facts, just that it was awsome. The pictures: in order, the view when you first walk in, me in the middle of a lily pad patch, a bridge or something, baby ducks, an island with a pagonda on it, Jody and I with straw hats on and a video of Jody on a water wheel. The straw hat + nice fan = $4, finally having inspiration for my room = priceless.

Sorry its the wrong way...

So that was the garden. Then we went to Busosansong, sansong=Fort/Fortress. It was on a mountain...Or at least it felt like it was. First we have the front gate, then we have Jody playing with a water well (a real one with really cold water), then is a nice view inside the Fort, then is a nice view of the city from a strategic "lookout point".

The last pictures depict a place where 3000 court ladies from the Baekje (I believe) Kingdom leaped to their death when the Silla (Shila?) Dynasty attacked and the Baekje Kingdom was coming to an end. There was a "shrine" built here, my favorite part is the painting on the ceiling so that is all you get to see...Then there is a Buddhist Temple, I could see the inside but you are not allowed to take pictures of the inside of Temples, let me say it was beautiful. Then there is a picture of what looks like a ton of trees but if you look in toward the middle that is the position of the temple and in the top right (it is really hard to see) is the place that the ladies jumped from. The last is a boat that we took to get back to the starting point.

Sorry it took so long to get this post up, it was just a really long day...

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