Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nothing Special

So nothing new is really going on these days. I spent last weekend visiting my boyfriend (who is in the Korean Army) on base. Since the attacks made by North Korea he hasn't been able to leave base so I went up to visit him. We went swimming, played Xbox, watched movies and played pool. It was nice to be in an area of Korea that is all Americanized.
Also this week on Wednesday we got some snow. Not our first snow, but it was a heavier, more notable snow than the first. It left a nice layer of ice on the ground. The days are colder and winter is definitly here.
I've also been busy these days putting together Christmas presents for my coworkers. I will get pictures when done and show them later. I hope to also get some cards together and send home to the US. Look for one in the mail! That's all for now!

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