Sunday, November 21, 2010

Resolution #20

Today we went to the Korean National Museum. After the Kimchi Museum I wasn't really expecting much...But boy I was wrong. This museum was so nice. Also it was huge and held many objects. I went with my "special Korean friend," Ty...he said on the way there that he was sure it wasn't going to be that nice and that was because Koreans didn't really go to museums. I was inclined to believe this statement because I've been to other museums and haven't been impressed, but this one actually blew us away and we plan to go again. Also one of the lunches from the G20 Summit (some stupid meeting where people from all over the world get together and talk...) was held here. I can't tell you all I saw because it was too much. But anyway here are some pics.

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Jessica W said...

I wanna go back with you! Invite me next time chump!