Thursday, August 12, 2010

Philippines Day 1

So our trip started on Friday after work. Erica and I got on the plane to the Philippines...We landed in Manila at midnight on Friday. We originally had tickets to fly from there to a well known area called Boracay. But mysteriously these tickets got canceled on the morning before we left so we didn't have anywhere to go when we landed. We got some information at the information desk at the airport and decided that we should spend the night in Manila. It was a good idea. We stayed at a nice place and ate some nice food and booked our flights for the following day. Lomi, a delicious noodle dish.San Miguel the beer of the Philippines and it's stronger brother, Red Horse.

I'm not sure of the safety level in Manila but against our better judgement we went in search of a bar at like 2 in the morning. To ease Erica's mind I decided to carry a weapon for our safety. I picked up a rather nice size rock from the side of the road. We felt much safer and anyone we saw while walking on the road asked my why I was packing (a rock) and I said things like "in case I need to hit you" or "it's my pet". Needless to say our first night in Philippines was really fun. We had NO problems in Manila.

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