Friday, August 13, 2010

Philipines Day 3

So I mentioned that we weren't really fond of Cebu City. We didn't like the city that much. We wanted beaches and less crowds. So we moved on. To Moalboal we went. We are at the green dot on the map now. We took a bus, around 3 hrs. It was interesting. Food that we picked up outside the bus stop. It was so delicious.

The views out the windows were amazing.
It was here in Moalboal that we decided to stay for a while. As soon as we got there we checked into our cottage and went out for dinner. I had chicken adobo.That was followed by drinks at a bar that was literally on the beach. This is a popular drink made with special limes. It is a deadly drink...but sooooo yummy!We were invited to go to a "big disco" that night and followed some locals to the dance. We ended up being super popular there, we were the only foreigners.

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