Sunday, November 8, 2009


So as an effect of not having to teach all day for the last two weeks I got super lazy and used all my extra time to sleep or study.

I started taking Korean class a month ago and then I got upgraded into a new, much harder class. Most of the class is taught in Korean and I have to concentrate a TON! But I do love the class, it is nice to learn something that I can put into practice immediatly.

Last Wednesday I finally went to a local market that is really well known. I have been meaning to go to it since I heard about it. That was maybe a year ago...Anyway the market is full of all kinds of things. This is also the market that you would go to to buy a dog to eat. I saw them, too sad. Doesn't make me not want to eat dog, just is sad. I bought a "fruit" there. It looked strange so I thought I don't care what it is I will just buy it. Turns out this "fruit" is used like an airfreshner. You don't eat it, you just put it in your house or car and it makes it smell good. After it dries up you can make a sweet tea from it. I might as well try it, right?
Thursday was our birthday party, nothing new with that, picture anyway.

Friday was Halloween, well when we celebrated Halloween. Many of the teachers bought costumes online this year so many of us were some sort of animal. I was a skeleton with a couple of the other girls. I really wanted to scare my kids and make them cry but it didn't work...

We were going to carve a pumpkin but ours was really old and filled with maggots so I decided not to carve it...
Yeah, that's pretty much it. I need to go out and take pictures of the beautiful leaves before they all fall down. It is just starting to get cold here.

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