Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Great Wall...of Korea

Today I went on a hike with a couple of my coworkers. We went to a mountain not far from where we live. There, is a park that has the remains of the Namhansan Fortress (남한산성) and we walked around the wall. It was nice.
Namhansanseong (literally "South Han Mountain Fortress") is a park at an elevation of 480m above sea level, immediately to the southeast of Seoul. It is located on Namhansan ("South Han Mountain"). It contains fortifications that date to the 17th century, and a number of temples.
Tradition connects the site of Namhansanseong with Onjo, founder of Baekje. In 672, a fortress called Chujangseong (書長城) was built on the western edge of Namhansan to protect Silla from Tang China. Later the fortress was renamed Iljangseong (日長城). Goryeo kings kept the fortress in repair as a defensive outpost for Gwangju, the nearby provincial capital.
Anyway some pics (there was some snow on the mountain...)
Also we saw this cool church that is a mixture of a church and Traditional Korean Architecture
Then I couldn't take my dog on the bus home so I smuggled him in my shirt...

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Cute pic of you and your doggie!