Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday Field Trip

Today we headed over to the Seognam Art Center (the same place where I watched some concerts and Chicago, it is very near my house) and went to a display of Hello Kitty! It was cool but when I went to 63 Building last summer it was the Hello Kitty display there too so I had already seen most of the displays inside. The kids enjoyed it anyway...Unfortunatly the day didn't really end on a happy note. One of our teachers (Jody) had his last day on Friday. This is sad because he has been here a while and everyone loves him so it was had to let him go. There is 1 good point to his leaving though, my bosses came out and drank with us and did 노래방 (norae bang or karoke) with us. That was fun!
Anyway, Jody, we already miss you...See you soon, we all know you will be back!

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