Sunday, June 21, 2009


SO lately I have been a bit busy. Last week I spent time looking for presents and getting them shipped. This week we had open house and I was preparing for my classes that the parents would come watch. Not to mention that it is test season so I spend a great deal of my free time (that I normally spend answering email..)grading. We also got a new teacher and so I have been trying to show her around Seoul.

Other than that life has been pretty low key. Stuff is the same as it was. The weather went from like 2 weeks of nice to unbearably hot. I hate doing anything and I wanna sleep all day now. I can't believe that June is already here and almost over. I have almost been here or one year.

Miss me yet? Honestly I can say that I don't miss home too much. I miss my family and friends like crazy though. That's harder to deal with than any of the problems I've had thus far...So feel free to come visit anytime!

These are some pics I took with Melisa (new teacher) today.

The old Korea mixed in with the new.

Me being funny...

Melisa being evil.

A building that I thought was neat!Thats all for now. Sorry I've been off the charts. Talk to you later!!!

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Erica said...

oh, I miss you every time we have to leave each other! The real question is, when am I coming back?