Saturday, May 16, 2009


So this last week I made an addition to my family here in Korea.

I got a puppy! Last Thursday I adopted a Maltese from an English couple who will only temporarily be in Korea.

He is a smart dog: 1) potty trained 2) hasn't touched anything in my house yet 3) doesn't bark unless startled 4) he is learning Korean commands quickly and 5) he loves me a lot and follows me all over my apartment.

I don't have much else to say but be looking for stories of us in the future. I will be trying to include him in many of my outings.

Also, he gets stared at even more than me! It's crazy people think he is the cutest thing they have ever seen...and of course he is! Pics:


Erica said...

so cutie!!

Anonymous said...

So, does this mean you're staying... permanently? Getting a pet = settling in :(

Nonetheless... cute pup!