Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dad's Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! You're almost over the hill...So today is my dad's 48th birthday and I told my students. They were all like "really?" and "are you excited?" and "how old is he?" So I told them that my father is turning 48 today and they replied, "my father is 41 (or 45 or 46)". Many of my students had parents with ages in the same decade as my father. I know that it takes very little to amuse me but I thought this was quite interesting because my students are 6 years old. We are 16 years apart and our fathers are less than 10 years apart. The mothers of these students are older too! I just thought that you might be interested in this cultural difference!

Sorry I haven't blogged much, I am busy as usual and there is nothing worth blogging about. I am going to a ski resort with some coworkers this weekend and my neighbor is throwing a New Year's party that I was invited to, so you can look forward to that!


Erica said...

Man, look at all the white in that facial hair! ;)

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, I know...he is old!!!