Friday, January 23, 2009


Today marks the beginning of my four day weekend. We are celebrating the Koren New Year and have Monday and Tuesday off. The Korean New Year is commonly known as Seollal 설날and is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar.It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays (according to wikipedia).
Korean New Year generally falls on the day of the second new moon after winter solstice and is a holiday for the whole family.Many Korean dress up in colorful hanbok, the traditional Korean clothing and perform ancestral rituals in the morning.

The teachers in Hanbok:My two classes in Hanbok:Judy and I
Tteok guk (떡국) (soup with rice cakes) is commonly served during this holiday.
I will be making this on Monday, not so much for the holiday but because it is delicious!
Many Koreans are happy to greet the New Year (both
Western and lunar) by visiting the East coast such as the cities of Gangneung and Donghae where they are most likely to see the first rays of the sun as it rises for the first time n the New Year.

Sebae is a traditional practice of paying respect to parents and grandparents on Korean New Year. Children visit their parents and wish them a happy new year by doing a deep traditional bow for them. This is accompanied by the words saehae bok manhi badeuseyo (새해 복 많이 받으세요) which means may you receive many blessings of the new year. Parents reward this by giving their children new year's money (usually in crisp condition) and offering words of wisdom. In the past, parents gave out ddeok and fruits insteand.

Folk games
Many Koreans play the traditional family board game, Yut. Today, many Korean also play Go-
Stop (Hwatu, I love this game!!!), a Korean card game. Men will fly kites and play jaegi chagi (hackisack). Tops are also a popular kids game in this holiday.

These are some pics and videos of my kids attempting jaegi chagi:

The traditional song sang at this time of year:

Tomorrow I am getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled out. After that I plan on resting until it gets better, I thought the longer the weekend the better. If I do happen to feel better I will be visiting Seoul for some New Year's activities. But I could also be in bed for all 4 days...


Erica said...
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Erica said...

The picture of the little girl in green, red, & pink playing the Hackey Sack game is probably the best thing I've ever seen.
Sorry about your tooth.

Amanda Lenz said...

Erica, yeah I know. We all know I'm not much of a photographer but that pic is totally cool. I was all like "kick it" and that is how the pic turned out. My tooth thanks you for being sorry for it...