Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1 & 2

This is the collection of what I did in Thailand for 10 days.
First I want to tell you that if you are planning on traveling to another country that you should make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport. Even though passports have an expiration date they want you to renew it 6 months before it expires...Erika was not aware of this and had to travel to Thailand a day after Judy and I.
Also, we ate way too much on this trip so I only included pictures of my favorite dishes. This was a trip for relaxing and not sightseeing so don't expect to see a lot of cultural things. We did include some sights, but not a lot.

Thats about all, enjoy!

First thing we did once we got off the plane was board a bus to Kausan Rd. which is known for catering to the tourists and cheap prices in hotels and drinks and food.

We got some pad thai on the street and it was delicious!

Then we went to a bar where we could get buy 1 get 1 free buckets of margaritas.

That was enough for day one, traveling is tiring. We got up the next morning and got fresh coconut juice outside our hotel and started our sightseeing until we had to go back to the airport to pick Erika up.

A shrine we saw on the street in front of a business.

The Democracy Monument

Noodles for lunch:

A fun fruit and juice snack:

Tamarind juice

A Giant Swing

Wat Phra Kaew Part or the Royal Grounds
This is a tuk-tuk, a common form of transport for tourists. You can get a really cheap ride if you agree with the driver to do a bit of shopping in between stops. We got in a tuk-tuk for about $.10 to see 3 different sights but in between our sights we had to go to these shops because our driver could get gas coupons for taking us there making our price much cheaper.

The tallest standing Buddha in Thailand, there is a taller Buddha but he is sitting.
A cool arch
The Grand Palace
Churros for a snack
Dinner was roast duck and drinks at this really cool restaurant/bar
We also had live entertainment:

Then on the way to meet the bus back to the airport we sound this fruit, jack fruit, waxy yet tastes sweet and good, was a really strange fruit though:

This was a snack that we ate at the airport while waiting:
After we met Erika we got in a cab and went to a beach town, Hua Hin, this is our hotel:


Erica said...

buy one get one free BUCKETS of margaritas. I wants.

Amanda Lenz said...

I know, it was AWESOME!!!To top it off they were only like $5 too! We just had one each though and that was enough!