Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nice Weather

Last week was a bit of a blur. I was sick, so pretty much every night once I got home I would go to bed. But I am feeling much better now. I drank a ton of liquid (not my beloved soju...) and slept.

Friday night I stayed home and watched movies all night with Judy and Erika. Then yesterday (Saturday) I went to church with my neighbor. I went to the Church of God. They have an interesting perspective/interpretation of the Bible. Anyway they believe in God, Jesus and the Bible, the church is really close to me and I get free lunch and a free interpreter so I think I will go there sometimes. I mean church is on Saturday so a lot will depend on how my Friday night goes but it seemed like a positive change to me.

Then for Christmas my mom bought me silicon bakeware and an OVEN!!! Yes, I know I have the WORLD'S BEST MOM! SO today Erika, Judy and I made cream puff bread to go with out vegetable, pork and ravioli soup and
BROWNIES (topped of course with ice cream)!!!

Things have gotten really good in Bangkok so we are going!!! I am excited. That is about all that is going on here. Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!

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