Sunday, November 30, 2008

I want S'more PLEASE!!!

SO today while we were still stuffed we woke up and ate many leftovers...Typical.
Then I went home and busted out the 3 Christmas decorations that I have. I have a stocking, a garland with a Santa and other Christmas like figures and the advent calendar I bought in HomeEver when I saw them last summer (for only $1).
After that Judy and Erica came over to my house and we ordered food.
For dessert we decided to finish S'MORE leftovers. I didn't use all the marshmallows that I bought and I had some cookies (I bought them because I was worried about my ability to make a pie crust without an oven so I got them to make a cookie crust if needed, they were a little like graham crackers) and then we bought some chocolate.
We made S"MORES!!! We even roasted the marshmallows over and open fire!

Judy and Erica of course haven't had this before and they thought it was AMAZING. Of course, it was amazing and now we have to diet until we die...

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