Sunday, November 2, 2008

I wanna join the CIRCUS!!!

I stayed the night with my friends Judy and Erica last night. This was our breakfast: (left to right) pickle kimchi, fishcake with onion and pepper, seaweed, dried seaweed, kimchi, mushrooms and onions, rice and bean sprout soup, yummy!Then we went to the Cirque Du Soleil: Allegria, it was AMAZING!!!

There were many different acts (like a circus) intermingled with a story that I couldn't understand, it was in French???

Anyway a rundown of the acts: First there was a girl on a flying trapeze. After that there were tumblers and they jumped on trampolines that were hidden in the floor. Then there was like the world's strongest man balancing himself on these tiny pegs. Following him were some flame throwers. Then there was a girl with ribbon dancing (not that interesting) then she danced with some tiny hula hoops (really AWESOME). I mean to tell you she could hula these things she could start the hula hoop on the floor not moving and get it all the way over her head without touching it with here hands. Then she could hula like five rings at a time and it was CRAZY!!! After that was a man who did some trapeze like stuff with a really stretchy rope. After that were some people that did a jumping-balancing act on a beam that was held by two other people. Followed by contortionists that had no bones in their bodies. I don't know what was cooler: how flexible they were or that they were flexing and able to hold another person doing flexibility stunts, they can't be human...There there were the acrobats that do the flying swing in the air.

The costumes and music was out of this world amazing, very lively and entertaining. There were also some comedy performers in between big acts that were cute funny little skits. All in a an amazing day! Oh, and we paid 57000Won= $50 (the economy over here is bad, the won lost value...) The show was held in the Olympic Stadium and as you can imagine no pictures during the show...

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judy said...

Amanda~^^ this is my first time to visit to ur blog.
it is so awesome. u are a diligent person~i can see ur whole life in Korea~~~so great~!^--^