Friday, October 17, 2008


Today we had birthday party day again. Usually this day occurs on the last Friday of the month but since that is Halloween Party day we couldn't have it then AND next Friday is OPEN HOUSE so we were forced to have it today. There were three girls with birthday parties today. One mom brought a HUGE cake and the other two sent pizza to school. This was a ton...but not as much as one of the other preschool classes. There was a spread of fruit (which is really expensive here), duk (pretty much my favorite Korean food), gourmet cookies and muffins, sandwiches, more pizza and well anything else you could imagine. It was nuts, almost like Christmas.

That is pretty much all that happened today. After school I went to Taekwondo and had a good lesson. I am getting really good at my kicks! I know that I am because the sound it makes when I kick the mitt is really good...Tomorrow I am shopping so I must go now so I can be well rested!


jilllenz said...

Everytime you mention a Korean food you say its your favorite!!

You must have a lot of favorites!

Dad was impressed witht he corn dog with french fries in the batter. It sounds like something he would come up with!

Amanda Lenz said...

Mom, yeah, I do have a lot of favorites! The food here is amazing! Yeah, he would love the corndog. You should come here and get one...