Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fish, Fish, Fish!

Okay so today I went to the Aquarium in the COEX Mall. It was AWESOME!!! When I first got there I was like "what $15?" but in the end I was glad I went.

It is a very well planned aquarium. There is a map (of course) but even a trail to follow so people follow a specific pattern...makes for good traffice flow. I have a ton of pictures to show, captions will follow the pictures. The fish are in the lamp post and in the stream that goes under the bridge and around the room. They are some breed of goldfish. Here the fish aren't cool, its the placement.Goldfish in a fancy pond.Fish in a fire extinguisher. I don't know what kind...not goldfish.Fish in traffic lights, so weird and so cool.Fish in a coke machine that still works.Fish in a tank with a manequin inside. Really neat!Fish in a toliet and they are still alive.Fish in a water cooler.Fish in a fridge above the fruits and veggies.Fish in a front loading washing machine.I just thought these fish were cute, my favorites are the two in the top right corner that are looking at me.A computer with fish on the screen in a fish tank.A two headed turtle, I don't know if this happened naturally or not because I couldn't read the sign...The world's happiest fish and maybe the cutest too!A sting ray.Cool fish with thread like fins.An aquarium with a petting zoo, no I didn't touch...I don't know why not either.A tunnel through one of the tanks, really neat.
A really large school of fish.
Jelly fish, all alone.
More jelly fish, the circumfrence of their "heads" is like the size of a quarter. A crab the size of this toddler. Oh my goodness.
This video is of a really awesome beaver just doing his thing.


Becca said...

Very Very cool. Wish I had more time to keep up with all you're doing & seeing.
Love ya lots & "be good" ha ha thats what Dad always tells me.

jilllenz said...

This was a good outing. No taking you off to a room..... :)

Kristin came to visit last night, we looked at some of your blogs.

Love, Mom

Amanda Lenz said...

Becca, I was wondering if you fell off the face of the earth...Glad that you didn't! I love you too!
Mom, yes, I agree this was much better, but I had heard that it was a good place to go if you like fish, I just love fish...Speaking of, have you killed mine yet?